Donation Steps

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How to Donate

Making your donation to projects couldn't be easier. You explore the locations, pick a project and make a secure online payment.

The Steps

  1. Pick a project

    Donor2Deed has a number of projects worldwide that you can choose to donate to.

    Each project is run by a recognised international charity.

    We have provided visual content, images and media to help you connect with each community and help make your donation choice.

  2. Make a donation

    Making a donation on Donor2Deed is secure, fast and simple to do. Once you have decided on which project to donate to, we collect basic details such as you name, email and credit card payment details, the amount you wish to donate and that's it!

  3. Stay connected

    Donor2Deed is unique in the way it visualises projects, allows for donation to specific lines in the budget sheet and then reports back to you on how your money was spent. You can choose how you want to be informed of updates from the projects you have helped.

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