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Looking for online fundraising software or a charity tracking tool to assist with charity fundraising & donation tracking? Donor2Deed is an integrated online fundraising and communications tool that links donors to projects using Google earth and maps.

The Donor2Deed tools

  • Maps website plug in
  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • iPhone


The major benefits to a non-profit of using Donor2Deed are:

  • An increase in voluntary income as a result of giving the donor more choice and improving communications.
  • Decreases in costs as less staff are required to upload data to the projects.
  • This personalises the donation, making fundraising more effective and enhancing donor loyalty and donor retention.

Why is Donor2Deed unique?

Donor2Deed has a competitive advantage over its direct competitors in that it puts Google Earth and Maps at the core of the donation process making the experience more engaging and intuitive than two-dimensional websites that show only project data.

D2D key strengths are:

  • Links donors directly to projects visually, giving them more choice re where their money goes;
  • Feeds information back to the donor on the progress of the project in a format (SMS, Email etc) and in a timeframe that the donor chooses;
  • Easy to use fundraising CMS that can push one project update to multiple feeds (FaceBook, Twitter, Website) – speeding communication and reducing costs;
  • Donor2Deed integrates with the non-profit’s website and Facebook fan page through a plug in
  • Donor2Deed maximises the use of viral and peer to peer marketing by automatically posting donations to an individual’s news feed on his/her FaceBook profile. This is pushed to his/her friends, spreading the news of the project.

Donor2Deed achieves this because it:

  • Gives donors more choice;
  • Feeds information on a specific project to donors to illustrate the impact of their donation;
  • Places the non-profit brand at the centre of the donation process by embedding the Donor2Deed tools its website and FaceBook fan page;
  • Maximises the viral and peer to peer marketing opportunities of Facebook by pushing any donations made through FaceBook to the individual's newsfeed

How it works

  • Non profit uploads projects and manages content through a user friendly Content Management System (CMS). Data can be pulled from projects in a range of formats (Twitter feeds, email, SMS, Video) and pushed to donors in an appropriate format (Twitter feeds, email etc).The key focus of Donor2Deed is to take its tools to where a non
  • profit engages with its donors and to promote that organisation's brand.
  • Individual donors enter the non-profit website and spin the globe or tour maps to choose a project.
  • The donor clicks on the project and views a range of information from the team to updates and videos
  • The donor clicks on the donate button. The non-profit can ask individuals to donate in a number of ways:
    • Per unit: £ 10 will buy 1 health kit for 1 family;
    • Per line: The non-profit lists the project costs
      • Material costs are £ 4,000.
      • Staff costs: £ 2,000
      • Transport costs: £ 1,000
    • The non-profit simply asks the donor to make a donation to the project
  • The donor can choose to receive updates on that specific project.
  • The donor details are collected and any updates on the projects are sent to the donor. This enhances donor loyalty to the non-profit.


The Salvation Army International Emergency Services.

Dublin Simon Community.