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Frequently Asked Questions

What is

If you are looking for online fundraising software, a donor management system or fundraising management software; has developed a financial management system and online donation tracking / financial reporting tool, ideal for tracking and managing charitable donations.

Is my donation payment secure?
Absolutely, Donor2Deed uses Geotrust SSL Certificates to provide the very highest global standards of encryption and credit card security

How do I donate?
Simply explore the map locations for a project, find one that stands out for you, and choose to donate. Our donation system works on the basis of providing credit card transactions safely, securely and quickly.

What is new about Donor2Deed?
Donor2Deed is the first online fundraising platform to integrate technology to visualise the process of giving, to allow donors to give to a precise line in the budget sheet and to get personalised updates from the field on a regular basis.

Why should charities get involved?
Charities should get involved with the Donor2Deed platform if they have international operations, need a tool to capture online donations from donors who will feel a greater sense of connection with each project, and who will continue to be connected to the communities that they are helping.

Charities need to be transparent and Donor2Deed also offers that by allowing donors to have a genuine view on where their money is going. The obligations to Governments and large donors are also satisfied by the reporting functionality in Donor2Deed.

Why should Ibecome a member of Donor2Deed?
Donor2Deed is unique in that it builds ongoing relationships between users and the communities and causes that your money helps. By donating to specific items in the project budget, Donor2Deed can give you unrivalled feedback from the ground on an ongoing basis.

Do I need any special software to use Donor2Deed?
Donor2Deed uses Google Maps and Google Earth technology. If you do not have Google Earth application on your computer, you can use Google maps to navigate and explore project content and media before making your donation choice.

Where can I donate to?
Donor2Deed is a platform for international charities, so by its nature, we have projects from all over the world. Explore the Google application and make your decisions after visiting the project content and media. No matter how far you think you are, your donation makes a strong impact on human lives.

Do I need to give credit card details to join?
To make a donation, we do need you to supply credit card details, however, we allow you to browse through project content and media as much as you like without collecting your details.

When you are ready to make a donation, we only take your name, email address and credit card details.

Will I be able to see progress made on the projects I gave to?
Yes- one of the most exciting and new things about Donor2Deed is that we keep you connected with the communities that you help. We demonstrate visually, through image and media content where and how you're money was spent.

We show you exactly what you're contribution to a specific line in the project budget went to.

Who is behind Donor2Deed?
Olivia Cosgrove, Chief Executive, is an Irish Chartered Accountant and Tax Consultant with extensive experience in meeting the needs of NGOs having worked in the sector for over 10 years in 14 countries.

She has led several high profile emergencies including Rwanda, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and the Tsunami, She has been publicly acknowledged by the UN for her leadership roles in Kosovo and Afghanistan.

Olivia is also involved in the Disaster Response panel for the Irish Government and is a globally recognized authority on NGO accountancy and auditing.