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As an easy-to-use fundraising reporting system, Report2Donor enables non-profits create Donor budget proposals and financial reports automatically.

The platform is specifically designed to allow Charities with international operations to fundraise on its range of projects and offers unrivalled interaction, retention and reporting opportunities with its donors, be they governments, aid agencies or individuals on a global scale.

What makes Report2Donor unique?

  • It automatically tracks amounts that appear in the donor currency, for example, US dollars, back to original invoices and receipts incurred in the local currency, for example, Haiti gourds (HTD).
    • This gives the donor more comfort as to the accuracy and completeness of the report;
    • This reduces the auditing requirements of the donor
  • It has been developed specifically for the non-profit sector and international donors;
  • A powerful currency management system allows donor exchange rates to be used to create donor reports, yet track those amounts to the non-profit project financial data.
  • The donor rules are incorporated in the downloaded report that the non-profit uses. The rules can be altered to suit specific projects.

Fundraising & Donations Tracking - How Report2Donor works

The non-profit downloads the Donor report and maps its account structure to the donor report. Budget and actual financial spend from the non-profits project, organised in its account structure, can be automatically transferred to the donor report.


The Salvation Army International Emergency Services.