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Olivia Cosgrove, Founder and CEO

Olivia is an Irish Chartered Accountant and Taxation Consultant (KPMG) who, in addition to working in a number of commercial operations, has worked with in 14 countries since 1995. She has undertaken a range of roles in a number of high profile emergencies and development operations with International Aid agencies, the World Bank and grass roots projects. She has written manuals on logistics and refugee camp management and currently has a senior position on a Rapid Response Panel led by the Irish Government to help UN agencies in emergencies. A range of her work includes:

Indonesia, Tsunami, 05 Developed and implemented logistics system for international medical agency operating in Banda Aceh, the worst hit area of the Tsunami. This included developing distribution channels and monitoring and evaluation systems.
Afghanistan/Pakistan (Post 9/11), 01/02 Developed inexperienced management team into effective unit that could plan, prioritize and delegate tasks to facilitate the construction and management of four refugee camps to accommodate 100,000 Afghan refugees on the border of Pakistan with a specific emphasis on preventing outbreaks of diarrheal diseases such as cholera and dysentery. In addition she led the first international team to implement health and sanitation projects in displaced camps within the southern region of Kandahar, Afghanistan after fall of Taliban in that region.
Mozambique Floods, 2000 Conducted interim review of logistics operation in Mozambique Floods. She liaised closely with WFP to ensure that transportation of commodities to Extended Distribution Points occurred as required. She subsequently reviewed and updated Emergency module on Logistics for the aid agency, Concern Worldwide.
Kosovo, 99 Publicly recognized by UNHCR as the leader of the only project to successfully complete target to rehabilitate the homes of 1,000 families before Balkan winter set in. At the request of UNHCR she coordinated the activities of over thirty NGOs to rehabilitate the homes of over 150,000 people in the worst affected area of Kosovo immediately after the war ended.
Haiti 98 Financial systems and project support.
Malawi, 97-98 Worked with the World Bank as a Senior lecturer in Accounting responsible for teaching and development of core subjects. Throughout her contract she extended the curriculum to include computer application, interview technique, curriculum vitae preparation and learning skills courses.
Rwanda Genocide, 95-96 Head of Finance in Refugee camps in Tanzania: Annual budget $15 million. She managed several projects within Rwanda in 96 including, Child reunification and malnutrition projects, transit centers and displaced camps.